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Run yourself fit for the summer!

We all have that dreaded feeling when coming out of our winter hibernation into the Spring months!

The spare tummy tyre, the lethargy and the feeling that you want to be fit and lean for the summer months that are right around the corner!

There is a voice in the back of your mind that repeatedly says - If only you had done it last year and kept up the momentum!

You still have time my friend and your favorite pooch can help you get there!

A couple of years ago the Four Paw Pals founders decided that it was time to install a couch to 5k running app and hit the roads!

It took a change of mindset but we were so proud of ourselves after the first target was reached that we continued and smashed all levels of the app and then continued to run as part of our weekly exercise programme to improve our running times, distance and stamina.

We steadfastly followed the steps in the app even in the winter months in the freezing temperatures of the early morning as we were determined to reach our goal.

We invested in running gear as we improved and stuck to our new exercise routine and as the confidence grew we decided to run in our local 5k event and then stepped this up to organised runs.

Ted, our faithful Cockerpoo, joined us on most of our runs and it has to be said that there is no better companion! When the legs hurt and the determination wanes your pooch provides a great boost as they are there to pace you and their loyalty and enjoyment spur you on.

Running provides great physical and mental health benefits that you can read about here in a great blog produced by the Pedigree Foundation. You can read about the do's and don'ts here in a great article published on 

We used a variety of great products to ensure that Ted stayed with us and was safe during the run. They also allow you the freedom to run hands free as you will not need to hold the lead. We use a hands free leash running belt product on all our runs with Ted and it has proven to be a great pacing aid and also ensures that Ted is exercised fully.

He loves running with us and we could not be without these great running leads - you can get yours here:

Bungee running lead with great accessories for storing those much needed energy treats, phone, key and other necessities! 

Waist running belt to suit any size of pal!

If you have more than one pal then this product is a must - the double headed lead!

Ted even joined us at the Race for Life 10k race and here he is proudly wearing his medal!

Your pooch will love you for the benefits running will bring and you will be a step closer to the summer waistline that you crave!

Author - Charlotte of Four Paw Pals.

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